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Using IBT Technology in Sport

Even though it may seem that transporting a large touchscreen around the world with your sports team wouldn't be possible, at IBT, and along with our partners, we have made this a reality.

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Our screens play a vital role in the Sports Sector whether it is for Football or Formula 1. The Xi Sport is a multi-functional screen that can move with your team whether you are playing at home or away.

The screen has a robust nature while still encapsulating the technology you need on the go. Our screens are an effective way for teams to analyse player interaction post game or race, as well as pre match strategies or briefing required.

Image by Emilio Garcia
Image by Niek Doup
FlightCase with sports bg.png

Sports academies can benefit from using these screens to highlight player strengths and weaknesses, as well as being able to effectively interact on a more personal level with the player and their overall growth by highlighting with the display the different areas for development.

Furthermore, using a connected device or the integrated Windows PC module, coaches have the opportunity to use their own specific software, whilst maintaining the great benefits of using a large touchscreen.

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