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Interactive Displays and Software Solutions

At Discover IBT we offer cutting-edge interactive displays and software solutions to elevate your business's digital experience.

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We offer our customers the opportunity to push the boundaries of interactive display technology by providing cutting-edge hardware and software solutions globally.

Who we are.

We are Discover IBT, a UK-based manufacturer specializing in interactive displays, commercial displays, and software development. Our innovative solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses worldwide.

What we do.

What we do
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Our Mission

Our mission is to become the most trusted global brand for Interactive display technology by providing some of the most responsive and reliable touchscreens accompanied with market-leading whiteboarding software for any industry.

To do this we are continuously developing ways in which we can improve our products, as well generating fresh ideas for the market that provide solutions to education, corporate, healthcare and the sport sector.

We are also taking steps to become a Net-Zero company by 2025, by renewing our ISO14001 and our "One Screen One Tree" initiative. Read more here.

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Join us on our journey of discovery into the world of Interactive Display Technology.

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