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Bring your content to life.

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Experience the brilliance of our 4K UHD 60Hz DLED Display, boasting 8.294 million pixels and 10-bit color depth. Images are sharper, scenes are brighter—immerse yourself in stunning clarity.


DiscoverIBT CD SeriesOne: The Ultimate in Commercial Display Technology

Introducing the CD SeriesOne from DiscoverIBT, the pinnacle of commercial display technology. Our most powerful Android solution yet offers unmatched performance and reliability, setting new standards in the industry.

Unparalleled Performance and Longevity

Experience the future of commercial displays with the CD SeriesOne. Designed to deliver exceptional clarity and vibrant colors, our displays offer up to 50,000 hours of on-screen display time. This means years of uninterrupted, high-quality visual experience, making it the ideal choice for any business.

Versatile Sizes to Meet Every Need

The CD SeriesOne caters to a wide range of applications with sizes ranging from 43 inches to 86 inches. Whether you need a compact display for smaller spaces or a large screen for impactful presentations, we have you covered.

Advanced Android Solution

Powered by our most robust Android solution, the CD SeriesOne ensures seamless operation and compatibility with a wide range of applications. This advanced technology enhances user experience and allows for effortless integration into your existing systems.

Key Features:

  • Superior Display Quality: Enjoy stunning visuals with high resolution and excellent color accuracy.

  • Durable and Reliable: Up to 50,000 hours of display time ensures longevity and consistent performance.

  • Variety of Sizes: From 43 to 86 inches, we offer the perfect size for any setting.

  • Powerful Android Platform: Benefit from the latest Android features and seamless application integration.


The CD SeriesOne is perfect for a variety of commercial settings, including:

  • Retail Stores: Attract and engage customers with vibrant displays.

  • Corporate Offices: Enhance meetings and presentations with large, clear screens.

  • Educational Institutions: Provide dynamic and interactive learning experiences.

  • Public Spaces: Display information and advertisements effectively.

Why Choose DiscoverIBT CD SeriesOne?

At DiscoverIBT, we are committed to innovation and quality. The CD SeriesOne reflects our dedication to providing cutting-edge technology that meets the evolving needs of businesses. When you choose the CD SeriesOne, you invest in a product that delivers exceptional value and performance.


Total control over the classroom

Enhance Your Teaching with CD SeriesOne

The CD SeriesOne offers a picture-in-picture mode, enabling you to display multiple sources simultaneously. Easily switch between lessons, presentations, and multimedia, enhancing your teaching experience.

Control with Ease

You can mirror with a tablet, giving you the freedom to control the display from anywhere in the room. Move around freely, interact with your students, and keep them focused on the lesson.

Clear and Durable Design

The large, bright display ensures visibility from anywhere in the room, perfect for playing videos and built to last with its durable design and performance.

Engage Your Students

Students will find the new displays engaging and interactive, making lessons more enjoyable and easier to follow. They can see the content clearly, even from the back of the classroom.

Next-Level Learning

Take your lessons to the next level and create a more dynamic and interactive learning environment for your students with the CD SeriesOne. It's a must-have solution for today's modern classrooms.

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Command & Control

CD Series Command&Control
CD Series Command&Control

Effortlessly oversee and operate all Interactive Displays from any device, no matter where you are. Just launch the app, sign in to your system account, and access details about all connected devices, even from a mobile device.


The Command and Control feature grants the admin account full access to all IBT technology, playing a vital role in power-saving management, emergency alert dissemination, and ensuring your technology remains up to date.

CD Series Command&Control

Access a live view from your command and control admin panel of any connected IBT device. Choose from either a screen mirror, or a connected webcam to view the room.

CD Series Command & Control Icon
CD Series Command & Control

Take remote control of any connected IBT device - perfect for your IT technicians to remotely fix any software bugs.

CD Series Command_Control

Restrict specific functions of a connected device, such as disabling touch or completely locking the screen.


Easily organize your devices by assigning custom names or tags, simplifying later identification.

CD Series Command & Control Tablet Icon

Manage videos, messages and more to a near-infinite amount of screens with ease, for total control of your commercial display setup.

CD Series Command&Control

Save Power


Automate powering on all devices in the morning and shutting them off at night to save power. This is especially beneficial for locations with multiple screens that would require individual boot-up and shutdown. Additionally, you can lock devices if necessary.

Monitor Devices

Monitor devices to enforce fair-usage policies and restrict screen time. This allows you to generate reports on the interactive displays' usage of time and energy.

Emergency Alerts


In case of an emergency, broadcast a visual alert to all devices, including large touchscreens and individual handheld devices. Alerts can be tailored to display specific instructions if necessary.



Deploy software installations and resolve technical issues across your network automatically, without requiring user intervention.

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Bring the big picture experience to any room

with 43", 55", 65", 75" or 86" available

Precise Picture Quality Adjustment

Using artificial intelligence, our AI PQ Scene Recognition auto-adjusts picture quality, hue, saturation and colour balance for true-to-life image detail and profound sharpness. Combined with our bright 4k displays, any visual content is sure to catch the eye and amaze.

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Discover IBT

Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring Icon 9screen

Mirror your screen to our large displays. Up to 9 people can conference and screen share at the same time from whatever device they please, resulting in the ability to collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

Video Wall



Daisy-chain up to 25 screens with a single cable, perfect for large scale installations. Say goodbye to a bulky mess, and hello to a streamlined, stunning display solution. 

High Performance


Featuring 4GB of RAM and a quad-core CPU and GPU combination, our displays are able to deliver 4K commercial content at full
resolution and frame rate with no frame drops or stuttering. 

CD Series Screen FighterJet2.png

The powerful Quad-Core graphics processor keeps up with high frame rates for smooth video performance.


9-person video conferencing with ScreenShare Pro

ScreenShare Pro is a standout feature of the CD SeriesOne, allowing up to 9 people to screen share simultaneously on the SeriesOne display. With support for all major casting services, screen sharing and conferencing are easier than ever before.

CVTE Digital Signage PNC Seried

Multi-Mode Play


Automatically start playing your media content as soon as the screen powers up, with autoplay options accessible via USB or through our Command & Control software. Schedule videos, messages, and more with ease. Simply configure it once, and let the software handle the rest.

One Cable for all

Connect your devices through Type-C for 4K 60Hz video, audio and internet transmission, plus charge them whilst connected.

USB3.0 Icon

Charging feature supports up to 65W devices, charging 43% in 30 minutes

Type C White
CVTE Phone QR Code Full Transparent

Instant mobile content transfer of media via QR code

By scanning a QR code from your phone or other device, you can wirelessly send content to the screen without having to plug anything into it, making managing the screen a breeze.

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Our most powerful display to date
with an industry leading chip-set solution

Powered by Android 11.0

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Fully customisable UI 
arrange your apps and change your theme

CD Edge UI screen transparent
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HIVE logo

Bundled Hive software solution

Hive touch ref sans hand transparent.png

Hive lets you create and share whiteboard sessions with a large variety of tools to help make teaching easier. It's user friendly interface means you forget about the technology and focus on the the delivery. 

For the full list of features click the link below. 

One Hive Licence included per CD SeriesOne purchase


Pick the screen size for full list of specifications

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