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43" Touchtable


Integrated Cable Management

Avoid cable tangles with the power cable running neatly and unobtrusively down the inside of the touchtable leg.


User Touch Buttons

Navigate the Android and Windows environment using the conveniently placed Menu and Back buttons, 


65" Touchtable


The 65" touchtable connection ports are located on the side and concealed by a flap - giving you easy access and protection from inquisitive fingers.

Easily Accessible 
Connection Ports


Bonded P-Cap

A bonded solution offers greater structural integrity and a more aesthetic look as there's no gap between the touchscreen and the glass.

IBT Touchtable 65 with integrated Windows PC Datasheet.jpg

Motorised Height Adjustment

At the leg height of 590mm you can raise the touchtable up to 250mm higher depending on the user (840mm excluding the screen depth). 

Raising and lowering is conveniently done with a simple touch of a button.

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