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Save up to 40% on the

cost of a new Xi Interactive display every 5 years!

Plan Of Action

We understand that refreshing technology can be a very expensive process. We have set up an amazing buyback scheme to be a budget friendly option, allowing you to always maintain the latest technology with the security of a indefinite warranty.  Another great way to stay green by IBT recycling your old screen to those most in need in poorer countries.

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You buy a new Xi Interactive Display.

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You keep it for up to 5 years.


We buyback your Xi unit. The value is determined by its condition.

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This then translates into the discount applied to a new Xi (up to 40%).

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Our BuyBack scheme, In unison with our sustainability pledges, charitable work and recycleable packaging all add up to make our screens some of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly screens on the market today. And what's more, we'll plant a tree for every screen sold.

Read more about our sustainability efforts here:

Did you know?

The Xi has a failure rate of 0.068%, making it one of the most reliable interactive displays in the world.

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Why Xi should be your #1 choice?

The Xi is one of the most responsive & powerful interactive displays on the market. Combine that with some of the best whiteboarding software, and you have an interactive display with limitless possibilities to use in any setting.

The Xi uses the most advanced touchscreen technology, providing longevity and high-residual value with one of the lowest power consumptions of any interactive display.

To find out more about the Xi click the button below.

If you would like a PDF copy of our buyback scheme you can

download it by clicking the link below.


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