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Interactive whiteboarding & collaboration solution

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Hive Interactive software lets you create, share, annotate, collaborate and present, all within the same application. The most complete whiteboarding software on the market is continually growing, with an expanding asset library and more features being added year on year.

Key Features

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Creation Tools

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Pen & Brush Tools

Choose from a variety of pen types and choose from a vast array of colours and set line thickness

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Draw 2D or 3D shapes with independent fill and line colour, and even use our shape recognition tool.

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Input default text using either the on screen or a external keyboard. Utilise the handwriting recognition tool to convert your freehand into a standard editable text format.

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Scratch Tool

This tool is perfect for temporarily hiding content, using the reveal tool to easily "scratch" away the area created.

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Choose from several different eraser options, from area select, to clearing the canvas in one click.

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Import Files

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Import Smart & Promethean Files

Hive allows you to import your old Smart & Promethean resources natively with all layering and animation intact.

Make changes to old files, then save as a new 

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Microsoft Office

Drag and drop your Microsoft Office files and edit text, spreadsheets, or convert your PowerPoint into a Hive Slideshow.

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Adobe PDF

Import PDFs as an image to your board, or save your Hive Canvas as a PDF.

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Mini Apps

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Board in Board

Add a secondary convenient pull down board to create a separate canvas for workings out or notes.

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Create a slideshow with transitions and timings set by you, and easily showcase your Hive pages.

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Connect your visualiser to your IWB device, and use the in-built app with no need for 3rd party software.

And many more...

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Hive Library

Gain access to hundreds of ClipArt images from the Hive library. Simply navigate to the Library folder, select the necessary folder and drag and drop.

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With loads of included backgrounds, choose from simple colours, to lined paper or even sport fields.

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Save as Image

Save Hive files as images to easily import into a future project or lesson design.

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Cloud Files

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Import & Export Cloud Files

Access your Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive accounts all from within the Hive Resource pull out window.  

Classflow & Smart Exchange

You can also search for files within the Classflow and Smart Exchange database to drag and drop into the Hive Canvas.


Livestream a recording of your board, with screen and audio recorded and instantly streamed to your channel, all from within Hive.

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Nexus Collaboration

Connect with multiple users devices, from tablets to laptops over a shared network.

Create Together

Using the nominate feature, let another user take control of your screen and visa versa. You can also assign "teams", to give a select group the chance to collaborate on the same screen from their device.

Share Files

Send and receive files from users. You can also select all to send out images, documents or other media to all connected devices.

Password Protected

Share the unique room code to only those in your session set by you.

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Timed Assessments

Either create a new, or use/edit an existing assessment that can be instantly sent out to your Nexus Participants. Set a timer and test constraints, and click start to begin.

Voting Sessions


Hive automatically collates the results as they're submitted, See where each participant excelled and struggled, allowing you to identify areas for revision.


Hive Interactive software lets you unleash the true potential of using an interactive display. The whiteboarding software is amongst, if not the most advanced IWB software in the world, letting you create, collaborate and

so much more.

For more information or to request a Trial version head over to

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