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Bridging the global education gap, one classroom at a time

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Taqwa School

Taqwa School

At IBT, our commitment goes beyond offering state-of-the-art interactive learning solutions. It's ingrained in our core values to build strong and lasting relationships with the diverse communities of learners, educators, and institutions we support. We believe that access to quality education is a fundamental right, which drives our passion to level the educational playing field worldwide. This commitment fuels our efforts to reach underserved and disadvantaged learners globally, providing them with invaluable opportunities to unleash their potential.

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Through our 'Giving Back' initiative, we are dedicated to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to excel in education, irrespective of economic constraints. By delivering cutting-edge educational technology to those in need, we strive to narrow the global education divide. Our ongoing support for global initiatives underscores our unwavering belief in the life-changing impact of education and our pledge to create a nurturing environment where every child can thrive, regardless of their background.

Our Taqwa Schools project is a special partnership between Taqwa Welfare Organization and IBT. We work together to help underprivileged street children in Pakistan.

Before our project, these children had tough lives. They begged on the streets and searched through trash for food for their families.

Now, we've helped over 150 children. We give them clothes, good food, and healthcare. Every child in Taqwa School gets a free health check-up to make sure they're healthy and happy.

What makes our project even more special is that we care about the environment. When our IBT screens are done being used in schools and businesses in the UK, we fix them up and send them to Pakistan. This way, our screens get a second life, and more children can learn from them.

But we're not stopping there. We want to build more schools across Pakistan to help even more children. Our goal is to reach those who need help the most and give them a chance to learn, grow, and have a better life. We want to change their futures, giving them protection, hope, and a way out of hardship.


5,000 Books Project

5,000 Books

For Taqwa School library

The '5,000 Books Project' stands as a cornerstone of our commitment to literacy and education. Our goal is to gather and donate 5,000 books to enhance a school library in Pakistan, offering children a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.

With a bold objective in mind, we aimed to collect 5,000 books from generous donors and deliver them to a school library in Pakistan. Our vision was to create a comprehensive educational resource covering all subjects and age groups from 5 to 12.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters, we've curated a diverse library covering various academic disciplines, from science and math to history and literature.

Through these book donations, our mission is not only to educate but also to ignite a passion for learning, providing access to knowledge that can truly transform lives.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Sarah-Jane from Woodend Academy in Middlesex for her generous donation of interactive screens and her steadfast support for the Taqwa school.

We also extend our thanks to Julia from Robert Sutton School in Derby and Coldvale Primary in Leicester for their significant book donations.

Lastly, we acknowledge and appreciate every individual who contributed to this project. Your combined efforts have enriched educational resources for these deserving children. Thank you for making this project a reality

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Water Wells

Water Wells

  • Recognizing clean and accessible water as a fundamental human right, IBT is dedicated to investing in life-sustaining resources by constructing water wells in communities in Pakistan with limited water access. Our initiative involves building water wells in various regions across Pakistan where water scarcity is a significant concern.

  • To date, we have constructed dozens of these vital water wells and pumps, providing a lifeline to thousands of people. However, our efforts go beyond just providing water; we are laying the foundation for improved health, increased education opportunities, and stronger communities.

  • Each water well we install represents a stride towards a more prosperous and vibrant future for the children in these communities. This ensures they have the essential resources needed to focus on their education and personal development.


Charitable Causes

Charitable Causes
  • At IBT, we firmly believe that quality education should be a universal right, not a privilege. Our dedication to education and child welfare extends beyond the UK to reach children worldwide.

  • As proud partners of the Taqwa Welfare Organization, we actively contribute to transforming the lives of underprivileged children in Pakistan and Africa by providing them with the tools and resources they need to thrive in their educational journey.

  • Our humanitarian efforts include the '5,000 Books Project,' an ambitious initiative aimed at instilling a love for knowledge and reading among young learners. We also recognize the crucial role that clean water plays in the wellbeing of these children, which is why we have committed to installing water wells in underprivileged communities in Pakistan.

  • We are deeply committed to building schools and creating educational opportunities for street children. Over the past few years, IBT has donated hundreds of interactive touchscreens and displays, refurbishing all screens from the UK market and sending them via the foundation to underprivileged schools.

  • Through these initiatives, IBT aims not only to enhance the learning experience with cutting-edge technology but also to uphold the basic human right to education for every child, everywhere.

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