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Share your screen to multiple devices, or display their screens on your
interactive display, all throughout a shared wireless network- its as simple as that.

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Screenshare Pro allows connect users to share content from their mobile, tablet and laptop devices onto the Interactive Display for everyone to see wirelessly and seamlessly. 

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Connect up to

four devices

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Wirelessly take control of a connected Windows Device

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Send Documents,

Images and Videos

Participants can share their desktop, files, images and videos, and you the host can retain control, accepting or denying requests to share content. You can even control connected windows laptops and annotate on top of any mirrored content using the Edge’s built-in annotation tools.

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Screenshare Pro gives you the perfect way to share 
content without the need for print-outs to getting lost in email threads -

perfect for training and staff meetings!

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Download the app for free for Android & IOS

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