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Interactive Displays and Accessories

Some of the world's best interactive displays for
education and business 

At DiscoverIBT, we are at the forefront of innovation with all of our interactive technology. We incorporate an easy to use system that allows for collaboration, multiple user detection and one of the most accurate displays on the market. Together with our partners, we deliver on our promise of exceptional quality across our entire product range, and stand ahead of the competition with what our technology can bring.


65 | 75 | 86 | 98

The latest edition of the Xi Series sees the release of the Edge Plus. The Edge Plus is the embodiment of years of experience and innovation, bringing you one of the most advanced large format touchscreen displays on the market. With the strong Xi heritage behind it, the more powerful and refined Edge Plus sets the new bar on what is possible. 


65 | 75 | 86 

The Es-BB Series is an affordable, feature rich interactive display that just simply works. It provides an easy to use, 20 point touch HD interactive touchscreen experience, suitable for Education, Business and Corporate users who want the essential features,



65 | 86

The Pro Series capacitive touch offers the ultimate touchscreen experience. Similar to the touch experience you get from premium touchscreen phones and tablets, experience greater writing fluidity and enhanced collaboration.  The beautifully designed Pro Series incorporates all of the great features of an Xi Series, with a unique silver trim and narrow bezel design.


Accessories & Add-ons

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The infinity pen is designed to increase the fluidity and better your workflow when using Hive interactive software on an IBT display. The buttons can be customized to select a certain tool within the software, meaning you don't need to navigate the toolbar to select features such as pen colour or handwriting recognition.


Special Orders

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The Xi Sport, designed in partnership with NSP cases and TET, was created to solve the problem of how sports teams, who are often on the road, transport an interactive screen around the world. The robust flight case and together with our Xi Series display make for a powerful and sturdy construction, allowing teams to access all of their own sport analytical software that may be needed on the big screen.



Our Touch Tables are designed to adapt to a whole host of environments, from conference rooms to nursing homes. With the option of fixed or motorized stands, plus the Android powered Xi Series built in, you can access thousands of applications, all on a large robust touchscreen table.