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Speed up your workflow 

Product Features

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Bluetooth Dongle

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6 Programmable

Introducing the Infinity Pen, crafted in collaboration with Hive Interactive Software. This innovative tool lets you seamlessly access a myriad of creation tools without the hassle of navigating the interface. Boost your workflow and enhance lesson fluidity with this smart pen, allowing you to focus solely on teaching. Experience the power of Hive Interactive Display technology at your fingertips!

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Need help getting started?

Watch our useful how to video on setting up and using the Infinity Pen.

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Enhanced accuracy 

Using a infinty pen gives you more control over what you create.

infinity pen

Settings Wheel

Customise your pen settings within Hive Software.

Your favourite Hive features and tools can be assigned to each of the 6 numbered buttons with ease.

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Want to know more?

If you have any questions about the Infinity Pen 

and/or want to upgrade your workflow,

get in touch today.

Please note the Infinity Pen is for use with IBT Displays only - its compatibility with other devices is not guaranteed. The infinity Pen full functionality is only available with Hive Interactive Software. Hive is a product of SoftOffice LTD.

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