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Interactive Whiteboarding & Collaboration Software Solutions

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Create your artwork with loads of tools available. Make use of the multiple point touch to draw with others.

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Utilize the useful Mini-apps available, like Board in Board to add a secondary pull down board.

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Access additional edit settings such as infinite clone and adding animations.

To see what Hive can do check out our Hiveways Series - 

Hive Tutorials with a lesson plan narrative teaching you all the

tools along the way!

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To find out more about Hive or to request a free trial
visit our Partner Website

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Screenshare Pro

Wirelessly connect up to four devices to your Interactive display and mirror your screen to all connected devices. It's as simple as that!

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for licensing queries

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Command & Control

Remotely manage and control all of your devices across your
network, from large touchscreens to individual tablets, all from
a single admin computer, tablet or mobile device.


Command and Control lets you remain in
control, and gives you unrestricted access
to all registered devices in your network.

For more information or for licensing queries email us at