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Interactive Displays

Current Model Specifications


Xi Series Edge


Es Series (Gen 2)


Pro Series

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Interactive Displays

Older Model Specifications

Xi One Series

Es Series (Gen 1)

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Stands, Conference Packs, Visualisers and more...


MDS4265-02 Dual Display Floor Stand

MSS4375-01 Heavy Duty Landscape Floor Stand

MSS3265-01 Landscape Floor Stand

MSS6598-01 Larger Landscape Floor Stand

MMS5598-01 Motorized Lift Floor Stand

O1MKHTS-4384 Motorized Tilt & Lift Floor Stand

WALLLIFT-01 Counter Balance Manual Wall Lift

IBTWMA-02 Gas Strut Flexi Wall Mount

IBTWMA-03 Large Format Gas Strut Flexi Wall Mount

WALLLIFT-02 Counter Balance Wall Lift Large

WALLLIFT-03 Motorized Wall Lift

WALMNT-02 Standard Wall Mount

SC03A Visualizer

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Articles & Guides


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