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Green Initiative

Route to Net Zero

Why IBT is going Carbon Neutral

As a business we are looking at ways to reduce our carbon, and ultimately achieve complete carbon neutrality for the near future. Reducing our carbon footprint is something close to all of the staff here at IBT, as we pave the way for future generations.


We understand their are certain things out of our control, for example the majority of our products are manufactured in China before being shipped to the UK, and we know this will have a huge negative impact on the environment. By working closely with our suppliers and partners however, we are now looking at ways to reduce this impact, and

eventually offset it altogether.

Image by Marita Kavelashvili

One Screen, One Tree

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As part of our efforts to become carbon neutral, we are launching our One Screen, One tree Initiative, in which we plant a tree on behalf of our customers to offset the carbon from the manufacturing and logistics it takes to get our interactive displays to our customers.

To read all about IBTs efforts to become carbon neutral, download our PDF below.


Image by NASA

Power Consumption

Developments in IBT Technology

Our latest offering of interactive displays not only show significant improvement in their usability, but also consume much less power. 

See the improvements we've made by downloading our PDF comparing one of our latest screens with its equivalent from 2012.


Image by Михаил Павленко

Planting & Aftercare

Creating your own green spaces

Looking to get involved yourself?


We've put together a short guide on how to plant tree saplings, plus some extra information on our Seedboms and

Bug Hotels


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Our way of saying thank you

By purchasing interactive touchscreen technology from DiscoverIBT, you're also investing in the future of our planet by helping us do our part of becoming carbon neutral. 


You can receive photos of your trees being planted, as well as being able to dedicate the tree to a person or cause through our custom plaque options. 

For any info on our green initiative, you can contact us through our social media channels or via email

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