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Green Initiative

Route to Net Zero

IBT ensures eco-friendliness and carbon neutrality at every stage.

"How Is IBT a Carbon-Neutral Company?"





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As a business we are looking at ways to reduce our carbon, and ultimately achieve complete carbon neutrality for the near future. Reducing our carbon footprint is something close to all of the staff here at IBT, as we pave the way for future generations.


We understand their are certain things out of our control, for example the majority of our products are manufactured in China before being shipped to the UK, and we know this will have a huge negative impact on the environment. By working closely with our suppliers and partners however, we are now looking at ways to reduce this impact, and

eventually offset it altogether.

In order to further this cause, IBT is now on ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO270001, classifying IBT officially as a responsible eco-friendly company.

Green On Every Level

IBT is dedicated to reducing environmental impact at every stage. From the moment you unbox our screens to the day you return them, great care has been taken to ensure a minimal carbon footprint.



Our screens come responsibly packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard, meaning all packaging can be safely recycled without worry.

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Our sustainable screens use on average 25% less power when compared to previous generations, keeping environmental impact to a minimum.

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Earn up to a 40% discount on a new IBT screen upon trade-in of an older model. (5+ years)

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Not only do our screens provide long lifespans and multi-year warranties, they are also donated at the end of their lifespans to various charities and schools.


To make a target for us to reach, we must first discover how much carbon we as a company produce. This takes on many factors, from our fleet of company vehicles, to shipping our products internationally, along with our use of electric and gas at our company facilities.

This is all broken down into three scopes:

Scope 1 is our direct use - in our case our company vehicles & facilities.

Scope 2 is our own indirect use - our electricity and gas usage.

Scope 3 is our indirect carbon use for such things as shipping and logistics.

All this gives us a rough estimate of our total carbon use per year.

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For Scope 1, we can generate a number based on the annual mileage of company vehicles and typical use of running our facilities.

This gives us 14,750KG / CO2 Per annum as an estimate.

For Scope 2, we factor in our buildings electricity and

gas usage per year.

This gives us 9,643KG / CO2 Per annum.

Scope 3 is difficult to calculate, but factoring our most recent

yearly sales, we can generate an estimate based on the typical

carbon cost of moving goods per product shipment.

This gives us 8,000KG / CO2 Per annum.

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Total (est) = 32, 393 KG / CO2 Per Annum

With each tree removing roughly 21KG of CO2 per year, we would need to plant approximately 1542 trees to offset our carbon footprint, based on 33,000 KG of CO2 per annum.

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That works out at

0.7 Trees for every 1 Screen

We understand that refreshing technology can be a very expensive process, which is why we have set up our Buyback Scheme.


As a budget friendly option, the BuyBack Scheme allows you to always maintain the latest technology with the security of a constant warranty, all at a fantastic price. Simply purchase one of our screens, keep it for up to five years, and then enjoy an up to 40% discount on a newer model. (subject to condition of traded in unit)


Our BuyBack scheme, in unison with our sustainability pledges, charitable work and recyclable packaging all add up to make our screens some of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly screens on the market today.

Read more about our Buyback Scheme here:

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Our Plan Of Action

Plan Of Action

There are a number of changes we would like to make to the business, and so we have outlined what these goals are and an estimated time of when we hope to achieve them.

Our main aims going forward are:

1. New fleet of company vehicles, transitioning from diesel/petrol to electric.


2. Marketing - Reduction in OOH (out of home) and external events to instead promote digitally.


3. Launching the “One Screen, One Tree” initiative, where we plant a single tree for every screen purchased on behalf of our customers. Trees can be dedicated to causes or people with a custom plaque, and we can send you photos of your tree being planted.


4. Continued support for staff to work from home, reducing commuter fuel consumption.


5. Working closely with schools to help educate children on the importance of being environmentally conscious.

6. We are replacing conventional forklifts with electric models in all our warehousing facilities. This transition not only contributes to a significant reduction in carbon emissions but also improves air quality and noise levels within the work environment.

7. Transitioning to Electric Cars for our entire work fleet.

​8. Investing in solar panel installations at our office buildings and warehouses. By harnessing solar energy, we aim to cover a significant portion of our energy needs, further cementing our commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Timeline to Carbon Neutrality

Timeline to Carbon Neutrality

OCT 2021

JAN 2022

MAR 2022




From October 2021, we decided it was time to put plans in place. As part of this we held brainstorming sessions to determine what changes we would like to see, as well as developing ideas moving forward.  

We also looked at ways to reduce carbon on an individual basis, be it remote working, taking a tougher stance on recycling or being extra mindful of office waste.

Carbon Neutral initiative for IBT begins by incorporating Aim 2 and 3.

As part of Aim 2, the Marketing team have decided to work towards being carbon neutral, with several plans and steps in place in order to make this achievable.

As part of Aim 3, the one screen one plant initiative, we are working closely with the education sector whereby for every screen bought for a school or education setting we will purchase a sapling from National Trust to gift to the school or education setting. We will also provide the relevant literature needed in order to see this sapling grow with each sapling planted on the school's premises.

From March of 2022, we have transitioned all of our branded products to products that have been sustainably sourced.  We will also introduce “seedboms” as an option to our customers who lack the space to grow trees. These “seedboms” are bespokely designed, easy to plant and grow shells filled with seeds and compost, letting anyone bring a bit of green into their indoor or outdoor spaces.  

By the end of 2023 we hope to have planted a minimum of 5000 trees, with the installation of numerous bug hotels at schools and business across the UK. By working together with our customers and local communities, we believe this is more than achievable, and hope that this becomes our first milestone in our journey to net zero.

Upgrade company vehicles to electric - Our first aim is one that requires a greater length of time as this will be a gradual transition over a number of years, with choosing the right fleet of vehicles that suits both the needs of the business and the environment.

Looking ahead, we would like to advance our UK plans for giving back to nature by helping our markets that are further afield.  With the message of sustainability at the forefront of our enture operations, we hope to encourage our partners and competitors to take a stand against climate change. 

Image by Marita Kavelashvili

One Screen, One Tree

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As part of our efforts to become carbon neutral, we are launching our One Screen, One tree Initiative, in which we plant a tree on behalf of our customers to offset the carbon from the manufacturing and logistics it takes to get our interactive displays to our customers.

By extending beyond the 0.7 trees per screen breakdown, and planting one per screen, we hope to work towards a future where we are more than just carbon neutral - we hope to become carbon negative. 

To read all about IBTs efforts to become carbon neutral, download our PDF below.

Image by NASA

Power Consumption

Developments in IBT Technology

Our latest offering of interactive displays not only show significant improvement in their usability, but also consume much less power. 

See the improvements we've made by downloading our PDF comparing one of our latest screens with its equivalent from 2012.


Image by Михаил Павленко

Planting & Aftercare

Creating your own green spaces

Looking to get involved yourself?


We've put together a short guide on how to plant tree saplings, plus some extra information on our Seedboms and

Bug Hotels


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Our way of saying thank you

By purchasing interactive touchscreen technology from DiscoverIBT, you're also investing in the future of our planet by helping us do our part of becoming carbon neutral. 


You can receive photos of your trees being planted, as well as being able to dedicate the tree to a person or cause through our custom plaque options. 

For any info on our green initiative, you can contact us through our social media channels or via email

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