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Conferencing Made Easy

Whether you have a small huddle space, or a large conference room, our range of Video Conferencing packs, together with our interactive displays, make for a simple, effective meeting solution for any space.


Small Room / Huddle Space


Medium Room / 6-8 people


Large Conference Room

Complete your conferencing space with one of the most responsive and reliable touchscreens in the world - the Xi Edge Plus.

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SC26B 8M 4K Webcam

Perfect for huddle spaces / small conference rooms

Webcam simply mounts on top of the Interactive Display

Great picture quality and wide field of view

(║ú═Γ╓╨╨╘)SC26B-USB Camera-product Spec-V1.jpg

SONY 1/2.8" Image Sensor

Max. Resolution H.264(30fps) 3840x2160px

2D / 3D noise reduction

Built-in Microphone (Pickup distance 0~4 metres)

120° Max. Field of View

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Also Includes:

Video conference
Video conference
FocusAsset 6_3x.png

Automatic focusing on motion/noise detection

meaning the speaker is always in frame and focus.

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MS05A Videobar

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Perfect for average sized conference rooms

Webcam, speakers and microphone all built into one device

Great picture quality and wide field of view

Powerful audio output

(║ú═Γ╓╨╨╘)MS05A-Integrated video conference terminal-Product Spec-V2.jpg

SONY 1/2.3-inch 12MP Image sensor

Max. Resolution H.264(30fps) 3840x2160px

5x Digital Zoom

120° Max. Field of View

8W Speakers

Six element MEMS microphone array 8 metres of voice pickup range.

Noise reduction, echo cancellation, anti-reverberation.

Built-in AGC algorithm that enhances voice collection.

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Image by Redmind Studio
Image by Redmind Studio

2 Zooming Pre-sets for Instant Setting up.

Just plug and play.

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SC25A 180° Camera

BM41 Speakerphone

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Perfect for largeconference rooms

Additional speakerphones can boost range of audio input

Very wide field of view to capture any space effectively

(║ú═Γ╓╨╨╘)SC25A-USB Panoramic Camera-product Spec-V1.jpg

12MP 4K Camera. Max. Resolution H.264 3840x2160px

3x 60° Cameras - can be used independently or combined into a single 180° frame.

Automatic focusing and lighting.

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One Press Video Layout Select

VC_Asset 1_3x.png

Body Fit Mode

VC_Asset 2_3x.png

Split Screen Mode

VC_Asset 3_3x.png

Presentation Mode

VC_Asset 4_3x.png

Speaker Mode

VC_Asset 5_3x.png

Compose Mod

VC_Asset 6_3x.png

Manual Mode

Camera Tracking 2.png

The SC25 tracks speakers as they move around the room and automatically zooms in or out to adjust to the changing number of attendees.

Screenshot 2022-09-09 151624.png

Type-C Connectivity enabling seamless connection

to a variety of devices.

BM41 Datasheet en.jpg
BM21-G SPEC.jpg

BM21 Speakerphone

Extend the range of your conference

room with speakerphones.

Up to 5m Audio pickup range

Wireless Dual Bluetooth technology

Multiple Speakerphones can work

simultaneously with reduced echo

and reverberation.

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Stand and mounts are sold separately and can be found here

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