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(Visitor Management System)

Businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance their guest experience while maintaining security. The IBT Visitor Management System (VMS) offers a budget-friendly solution for businesses looking to provide their guests with a professional sign-in process. With a 21" touchscreen PC that comes pre-installed with the VMS software, businesses can efficiently manage their visitor sign-in process with ease.

Manage who is in your building with an affordable, simple to use, quick touchscreen sign-in system. 

  • Records kept for visitors and staff

  • Staff use pre-issued cards for entry and exit

  • Visitors register via touchscreen

  • Integrated webcam for instant ID photos

  • Badges printed quickly

  • 21" Windows PC touchscreen with iBT's Visitor Management software

  • Mountable options: wall, free-standing, desk mount with flexible arm

  • Admin login for lost badge issuance and emergency tracking

  • Customizable home screen with logo and organization name

  • Discreet on/off button to prevent accidental shutdown

Mounting Options

The 21” Windows PC touchscreen is designed for versatility, offering three mounting options: wall-mounted, free-standing, or mounted on a desk with a flexible arm. This flexibility ensures that users of different heights can easily reach and use the system.

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