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Remote Device Management

Remotely manage and control all of your devices across your network, from large touchscreens to individual tablets, all from a single admin computer, tablet or mobile device.

Command and Control gives the admin account unrestricted access to all IBT technology, and is crucial for power saving management, sending out emergency alerts and keeping your technology up to date.

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More reasons to choose Command and Control

Access a live view from your command and control admin panel of any connected IBT device. Choose from either a screen mirror, or a connected webcam to view the room.

Take remote control of any connected IBT device - perfect for your IT technicians to remotely fix any software bugs.

Lock out certain features of a connected device - for example disabling the touch or even locking the screen out completely.

Organise your devices with custom names or tags, making finding them super easy later on.


If you have any questions please contact us:

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You can also request a demo by clicking here

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