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Magic tables and touch tables are very popular in businesses these days. They are like special tables, you can use these tables to play games or learn new stuff by using them. But they work in different ways, so it's important to know what makes them unique. You should also learn about the Difference Between Magic Tables And Touch Tables, so let us take a look on to it.

Understanding The Difference Between Magic Tables And Touch Tables:

Magic Table:

The magic table is the tool used in the schools it is just like the projectors used in the schools for presentations. As it is like a projector, it also projects the images on a large screen. The image and data on the large surface can be seen as enlarged and clear. In the beginning, this was very helpful for teachers. It was very helpful for them because they could easily show the documents and presentations instead of the whiteboard.

Technology improves every day it has also started to be used in care homes. Now it can make sense that someone came here and reacted to them. Moreover, this projection focuses on the things like tables. This is best for the people who cannot move more to interact with the projectors.

These projectors are specially used in care homes for people who have memory issues. It is choiceless for people who are memory patients like advanced stages of dementia. Because they could engage with the interactive stuff in a fun and helpful way.

Touch Tables (Interactive Touch Tables):

Interactive Touch Table or Touch Table is a wide table device. It is a different device from the magic table. It is a big table which can move easily from one place to another, it does not need any projector. Most people can touch it at once up to 32 touches in time.

These touch tables are also used in care homes. These are great for the care home patients. This device can connect with the Android and the Windows PC also. It helps in organizing video group games, without getting worried about the people joining.

Touch tables are nowadays very famous for businesses also. You can use them for the table conference and table meetings also.

Difference Between Magic Tables And Touch Tables:

The above paragraphs are just like definition paragraphs for you to come to know about both terms. Now I am going to tell you about the main differences between the Magic tables and touch tables. So, let us come and learn about them in the given lines.

Functionality and uses:

Here I am going to tell you about the differences between the Functionality and uses of the Magic tables and Touch tables.

The functions of the Magic Table are designed for people to play simple games, and listen to simple music. It also displays cool pictures on the wide screen. Simply, some case studies say it is really good for people with dementia.

Moreover, it is also helpful for them to join in instead of just watching. The 'magic table' makes them move and think, which is good for everyone in the home.

On the other hand, the Interactive touch tables are flexible in their use. The functionality and uses of the touch tables depend on the apps you have and what activities you want to do.

Furthermore, the homes can use touch tables for all sorts of things like events containing some special things in them. Exercise with music, newsletters, virtual walks, keeping in touch with family, playing games like sudoku or bingo, hosting quizzes, and more using the touch tables.


There is also a difference in the budget of both the touch table and the magic table. Magic Table is cheaper than the touch table. You may say this is an older version and a small number of people started using this. You should pay more money when you install and make it work.

The Touch Table is more expensive than the Magic Table. This is due to the accessibility and functions it contains. Additionally, the majority of repairs and maintenance costs will initially be paid in the warranty of the product itself.


Mobility is known as the ability to move.

Magic tables are limited to the place where they are installed. Some projectors move within the room, and some can not move within the room.

Touch Tables can move in the room and from floor to floor because these are wheeled devices. Touch tables are easy to move around everywhere you want.


What is a magic table?

Magic tables are just like the projectors to project images on the large screen. The magic tables are created by the SQL server when there are insertions, deletions, or updates (DML operations). They automatically store the recent changes made to the rows during these operations.

What is the use of a magic table?

The magic table in SQL is used to check the changes made to a database. It also provides access to both old and new values of modified rows. It is particularly useful to simplify the troubleshooting and eliminate the need for complex trigger code.

What is a touchscreen table?

A touchscreen table is a touch-sensitive flat-panel device. You can interact with the table by touching its surface. This device is same as the smartphones and tablets. Nowadays these tables are used in many places like educational departments, museums, and stores.


The above article contains complete information about the Difference Between Magic Tables And Touch Tables. Here is the complete description of both digital devices. If you want to buy this type of screen you can visit Discover Ibt and if you want further detailed steps for it then you should visit the Products category.


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