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Interactive Displays:

An interactive display is a Big version of Mobile and Tablets. It is a big screen at which everyone can see, amend, access, and manipulate very easily. This is the technological era, and we should be with the technology.

Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are modern whiteboards. This product is the best product ever for the businesses. Because they want the presentative stuff. Through this digital whiteboard, they can easily work without wasting any time. Remind the days when you are using a whiteboard, use markers and dusters along with the board. First, you write something and when the space is complete, you should clean the board and then write. It was a complicated procedure.

If you are a businessman you should try this whiteboard on which you can access everyone to touch change and explain. Without the tension of removing and writing. You can just change the slide to the next. These interactive displays are very useful these days.

Types of Interactive Displays:

Let us discuss the types of interactive displays. As we all know every interactive display has different advantages. Without wasting any time I am going to explain to you about these interactive displays.

Optical Imaging Touch:

This is an infrared touch panel that uses infrared lights. It is used to detect touch by creating shadows. Whenever there is any shadow on the screen it senses it and starts manipulating it. This is the type of touch panel that is versatile to use. It also offers durability and also has multi-touch capabilities. Moreover, it makes optical imaging an adjustable choice for touchscreens.

Resistive Touch:

This touch is a very commonly used resistive touch and cost-effective panel. It requires direct finger touch and usually supports only single-touch input. Mostly this touch is used in the retail setting. Moreover, it is specially used to capture the signature. It is like a register where you can sign like an attendance. It is used as a stylus after credit card transactions.

Projected Capacitive Touch:

This is an electrical-based touch detection. Moreover, this touch is very famous for its fast response as per its electrical connection. It can support multi-touch and is commonly used in small devices like smartphones, tablets, and GPS units.

You can not use it on a large scale. The technology used in it is challenging for the large scale or maybe the long term. Its technology has proven as a challenge.

However, this interactive display is a good interactive display to use. As it is electrical based and picks the touch and gesture very soon and implements without taking any pause.

Infrared Touch:

It is very useful while collaborating, due to its detection of various inputs. It allows multi-touch capabilities, and it is also very durable in use. It is proven by the experiment that these displays are poor to use in direct sunlight and heat.

Make sure to use them in the cold and shaded places. As I have mentioned these are poor to use in sunlight, use them in slightly dark environments for good results. These displays are excellent to use in educational institutes and businesses. You may say that these touches are designed especially for education and business.

Benefits of interactive Displays:

Here I have some benefits of the interactive displays. You should read these benefits and come to learn more about them.

  • Interactive displays create engaging classrooms.

  • They engage all types of learners effectively.

  • Instantly share information with students on campus.

  • Boost collaboration and productivity in business meetings.

  • Versatile displays keep everyone engaged and updated.


What is an interactive display?

An interactive display is called a modern Whiteboard. It is like a tablet or a mobile phone but it is in the larger version. It allows the users to access, interact, and manipulate the screen directly without using any material for communication or interaction.

Where interactive screens are used?

Interactive screens are used at the places where mostly the projectors or whiteboards are used. This means they are most often used in schools, colleges, and business places. They are used at a place where there is a team of people who want to discuss the same thing.

What is meant by an interactive panel?

An interactive panel is also known as a flat panel display. It is like a big TV hanging on the wall. You can touch this TV and use it to make presentations. It works with digital information using fingers.

What is a BenQ interactive display?

BenQ interactive displays are designed for active, blended, and distance learning, helping teachers create engaging classroom experiences. Our software and systems offer device and account management options for your organization, both locally and remotely.

What are the major or common three types of display?

These are three major or common types of the displays that are given here:

  • Light-emitting diode (LED) backlit LCD.

  • Thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD.

  • Quantum dot (QLED) display.


The interactive display is the most common thing that every education institute or office uses. It is very common for making projects and giving presentations. These are almost available at the affordable price in the market. If you are business owner you should try this for your presentations and making project or show something to the audience.


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