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Breaking the Cycle: DiscoverIBT's Peak CPD Training Program

Teachers often find it daunting when new technology is introduced in their classroom. Despite their limited free time, many revert to using basic tools like PowerPoint or whiteboarding software. DiscoverIBT aims to change this by encouraging educators worldwide to unlock the full potential of interactive displays in their classrooms.

Introducing Peak CPD Training

DiscoverIBT's Peak CPD Training program was designed to not only provide interactive screens and software but also to educate teachers on how to effectively use these tools in their classrooms. The program offers three levels of training:

  1. Explorer: An introductory course to familiarize users with the software and interface of their interactive displays.

  2. Pioneer: A deeper dive into collaboration and the various apps available within the Hive software.

  3. Adventurer: An assessment course where users can demonstrate their skills and achieve the title of Peak Adventurer.


Success Story: Kettlefields Primary

At Kettlefields Primary in Cambridgeshire, we implemented the Level 1 Explorer course for their staff, helping them adapt to their new ES Series displays. The training covered initial setup, ensuring correct installation and connection of all necessary wires. Each teacher was also equipped with the required software on their devices for hands-on learning.

During the course, we explored basic features of the Android display and demonstrated screen mirroring capabilities with laptops, maintaining touch screen functionality. We introduced Screenshare Pro, enabling participants to wirelessly mirror, control, and share content from their devices effortlessly.

Transitioning to Hive interactive whiteboarding software, we showcased its main features and tools, highlighting the ease of use with the 20-point touch interactive display.

Hive is a comprehensive classroom software designed for limitless possibilities, offering a wide range of tools, apps, and templates at a click. It allows users to create, collaborate, and present seamlessly. Despite focusing on essential features during training, we encourage users to explore the software further.

As the course concluded, we awarded the staff with their Level 1: Explorer certificates. Since all staff members participated, we also presented the school with the Peak award trophy.


We extend our gratitude to Kettlefields Primary for hosting us and embracing our Peak training program. Our goal is to make interactive screens less intimidating and to encourage teachers to move beyond traditional PowerPoint slideshows.

For more information about our Peak CPD Training Course, visit DiscoverIBT's Peak Training Course.


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