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It can be quite daunting for teachers when a new piece of technology equipment is installed in their classroom. Given the very little free time they have, it can be quite easy to go back to the rudimentary cycle of using PowerPoint or some simple whiteboarding software for lessons. At DiscoverIBT, we want to break this cycle, and get teachers around the world using our more advanced interactive software, unleashing the true potentials of having an Interactive Display in the classroom. This is why our Peak CPD Training program was created. We want to be able to not only supply the screens and software, but also educate our end-users so they can benefit from all the great features going into the classroom. Our Peak training course comes in three levels: Explorer, Pioneer and Adventurer.

The level 1 Explorer course is a great way of introducing you to the software and understanding the interface of your Display.

Level 2 Pioneer goes into even greater depth, teaching you about collaboration and getting to grips with multitude of extra apps within Hive.

Level 3 is purely an assessment course, giving you the chance to demonstrate your new skills, and giving you the title of Peak Adventurer.


At Kettlefields Primary in Cambridgeshire, we took the staff through our Level 1 program, helping them get up to speed with their new ES Series displays.

We started with the initial setup, making sure all necessary wires were correctly installed and connected. We also made sure each teacher had the correct software installed on their devices, giving them the chance to follow along with the lesson.

During this course, we delved into the basic features of the Android display, and how to mirror their laptop screens whilst maintaining the touch screen usability. We also showcased Screenshare Pro, allowing the participants to connect their devices to the screen and mirror, control and share content wirelessly and effortlessly.

As we moved onto Hive interactive whiteboarding software, we demonstrated the main functionality and whiteboarding tools, and showcased how easy it is to put down digital ink using the 20 point touch interactive features. Despite only focusing on the essential features, we encourage any new user to just have a play with the software.

Hive is designed for the classroom, with infinite possibilities using the vast array of tools, apps and templates available at a click of a button. One of the most complete classroom software tools on the market, Hive lets you create, collaborate and present effortlessly. For more information about Hive go to

As we concluded the course, we awarded the staff with their level 1: Explorer certificates. Since all the staff had participated too, we could also award the school with the Peak award trophy.


We'd like to thank Kettlefields Primary for hosting us, and participating in our Peak training program. We hope our course has helped make the screens a little less scary to use, and hopefully paves the way for teachers to move away from using the same old PowerPoint slideshows.

For more information about our Training Course, visit

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