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As part of our 'Route To Net Zero' scheme, we have been busy implementing our multi-stage plan, bringing our company another step closer to reaching our net zero goals.

For a small Primary in Cambridgeshire, this became a reality.

After purchasing a number of our ES series boards equipped with Hive software, we thought it was a great opportunity to show the kids and staff the impressive interactive features of the screens, whilst giving a short lesson on being environmentally conscious, and why as a company it's important we do the same.

Using Hive software to deliver our green presentation, it was a great opportunity to get the kids to come and interact with the board, and highlighted to the teachers how easy and interactive using Hive software can be.

Not only did we come with a presentation however. Our main reason was to oversee the installation of a new Bug Hotel, kindly built by our partners at PKS. The bug hotel acts as a fantastic way for the kids to learn about ecology, whilst giving the local insects a safe place to call home. Our presentation made sure the kids know all about the different kinds of bugs they will see, as well as what they can do to make one at home, plus maintaining the one at their school. It was a great day had by all, and we hope they enjoy using their new screens and bug hotel.


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