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IBT's '5,000 Books Project' Completion Announcement

IBT is delighted to announce the successful completion of our flagship '5,000 Books Project'. This ambitious initiative, rooted in our fervent commitment to literacy and learning, aimed to collect and donate 5,000 books to the Taqwa School Library in Pakistan, introducing these children to a world-class education, opening a world of knowledge and learning for students.


We set out with an ambitious target to gather books covering a comprehensive range of subjects for students aged 5 to 12. Thanks to the exceptional generosity of our donors, we managed to curate an enriching collection of books spanning various academic disciplines, including science, math, history, and literature.

Donor Acknowledgements

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sarah-Jane from Woodend Academy in Middlesex for her generous donation of interactive screens and steadfast support for the Taqwa school. These screens add a dynamic, immersive element to the learning environment, making education an engaging and interactive experience. We also wish to thank Julia from Robert Sutton School in Derby and Coldvale Primary in Leicester for their significant book donations. Their contributions have played a pivotal role in broadening the range of resources available to the students.

Gratitude to Contributors

Lastly, we express our profound gratitude to each individual who contributed books to this project. Your collective effort has not only made this project a reality but has also enriched the educational resources for these deserving children, opening a world of possibilities for them.

Milestone Achievement

The successful completion of the '5,000 Books Project' marks a significant milestone in our journey to transform learning and promote literacy. This library, brimming with knowledge, stands as a beacon of hope for the children attending Taqwa School. As they turn each page, they are not just learning; they are embarking on a journey of discovery that has the power to transform their lives.

Future Endeavors

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain dedicated to furthering our efforts in empowering communities and fostering a love for learning. There are many more stories to write, many more projects to undertake, and countless lives to touch. We are eager to continue this journey and grateful to everyone who joins us on this path.


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