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Using IBT Technology in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is an ever growing area with new developments every day. We here at IBT would like to mirror that, offering state of the art screens that have the capabilities of showcasing research, patient information as well and even acting as digital signage and information boards.

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IBT screens can be attached to the wall, or mounted on fixed or motorized adjustable trolleys to be able to wheeled into any space. Alternatively there is the IBT Touchtables, which together with its motorized trolley system, allows the screen to raise and lower, and rotate on its axis to almost any given position, giving you the utmost flexibility on how you want to use the great touchscreen capabilities.

Our Interactive Screens and Touchtables are powered by Android meaning they work similar to a standard Android tablet, letting you access the Playstore© to download games and applications. With access to thousands of apps and games, residents can utilise brain training and memory  applications, arcade style games, as well as a simple game of virtual chess - ideal for nursing homes with patients suffering dementia.

Image by Tianyi Ma
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Command & Control

Remotely manage and control all of your devices across your
network, from large touchscreens to individual tablets, all from
a single admin computer, tablet or mobile device.

Image by Adrien Olichon
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Using a large interactive display can be great for analysing and showing patients medical results, including charts and graphs, as well as more complex programs, such as DICOM software. 

Using the touch capabilities, along with certain DICOM applications, you’ll be able to drag, and scale your x-rayed images, using the pinch to zoom mechanism to zoom into parts of the image, and go deeper into your DICOM files. 




Manage who comes and goes with the IBT VMS

Staff can sign in on arrival and sign out when they leave by simply scanning their pre-issued cards. This allows the system to store records of who is in the building at any given time, as well as generating a database that can be accessed in the event of an emergency evacuation.


Visitors to the building will also need to sign in, allowing you to capture the data of names, reasons for visiting and contact information all within the VMS system. Using the simple to use touchscreen, and along with the integrated webcam, take instant ID photos, with badges printed off in seconds. 

Image by Fusion Medical Animation

The IBT Covid Compliance System is an add-on for the VMS, in which a special heat detecting camera is fitted to the device, allowing software to detect the overall temperature of a person signing in, and sending out an alert if the temperature limit is exceeded.

The complete VMS system and Covid Compliance add-on can act as the first line of defence for your organisation, and let staff and patients/residents enjoy a piece of mind knowing that visitors are unlikely to be carrying a potentially lethal pathogen.

For more information on using IBT technology in Healthcare

Download our PDF below

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