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As part of our commitment to invest in life-sustaining resources, we're thrilled to announce the completion of our Water Wells project, which aims to alleviate water scarcity issues in various regions across Pakistan.

The journey was challenging, but the resilience and determination of our team, in collaboration with the Taqwa Welfare Organization, brought this life-changing initiative to fruition. Over 150 families were struggling with water access in the mountainous Khyber region, with locals having to travel over 5km to fetch dirty water from a stream, carrying filled buckets across difficult terrain, often times at night due to the intense heat.

We arranged for specialist equipment to drill boreholes into the mountains, a perilous task given the hazardous roads and dense rock. Defying the odds, we successfully hit water at just over 700ft, and a solar-powered filtration system and pump were installed. Locals now have access to clean, drinkable water, in an area much closer to their homes, changing the lives of everyone within that community. Instead of spending hours fetching water each day, adults can focus on their work, and children can dedicate more time to their education. The accessibility to clean water has also improved their health, reducing the risks associated with consuming water from the unfiltered stream.

The completion of the Water Wells project is part of our ongoing commitment to social responsibility. We are humbled to have laid the foundation for improved health, increased education opportunities, and stronger communities, and as we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to furthering our efforts to provide essential resources where they are most needed.

This milestone would not have been possible without the support of the locals who generously donated land and the incredible teamwork between IBT and the Taqwa Welfare Organization. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone involved. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to empowering communities, transforming lives, and championing the human right to clean, accessible water.

To read more about this extensive project, and to see the video of the construction process, head to , where we also have documented our other charitable projects. Or, watch the video below:

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